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Specialist Cleaning for Soft Furnishings:

Carpet, Upholstery, Leather, in situ Curtain Dry Cleaning and Oriental Rug Specialists

CDEL technicians are professionally trained and industry accredited technicians, meaning your precious carpets and upholstery are in safe hands.

Carpet Cleaning:

We use environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that remove harmful grit, dirt and health-threatening pollutants, and which are safe and gentle on your fabrics. You won’t believe how different your carpets will look after a professional clean. Our state-of-the-art equipment, with five times more pressure than ordinary carpet cleaning machinery, removing dirt and grime from deep down in the fabric of your carpet.

That new carpets feeling throughout your home – but at a fraction of the cost.

Our experienced carpet cleaning teams revive and restore your carpets to their former glory, making your house a home to be proud of. We have aquired our reputation by recognising the importance of caring for your home and we only use the best quality child and pet-friendly products with non-toxic natural ingredients.

For a free no-obligation quote or for free advice, call ourteam today or complete our enquiry form on top of this page.


Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning is an art in its own right and we are not just experts... We are artistes!

Oriental Rugs Antique Rugs Pure Silk Rugs Handwoven Rugs Contemporary Rugs

CDEL clean all types of oriental or contemporary carpet and we are extremely skilled in cleaning pure silk, Chinese and antique pieces.

MOST household rugs can be cleaned in the same way we clean your carpets - but if you have a handmade rug you may need our specialist rug cleaning services!

You should NEVER use a carpet cleaning machine on a handwoven rug. The chemicals can harm your rug and the WATER can "leech" the dye, changing it's color. Some cleaning products remove lanolin from wool, ruining the look of your rug.

Our highly-skilled staff will take your rug through a painstaking process, first removing embedded grit and dirt from the base of the fibre. The greatest care is taken as stains and colour runs are removed by hand without the use of any harmful chemicals or liquids.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional specialist service at competitive prices. Our charges vary a little according to the time it takes us to clean your rug. (5 to 10 days ) A deeper pile will for example take us longer to clean.

For a free no-obligation quotation - or if you have any questions about your rugs - please call now and speak to a member of our team! or fill outthe Enquiry form at the top of the page and a member of our Specialist Rug Servicing Department will reply as soon as possible.


Upholstery & Drapery

CDEL specialises in restoring the beauty, vitality and original freshness of all your upholstered furniture.

Deep down fabric restoration can effectively and economically extend the life of your upholstery by removing contaminants such as household dust, dust mites, pollen and pet dander.

CDEL upholstery cleaning process is gentle and thorough and uses the latest specialist upholstery cleaning solutions. Most furniture is dry in 4 to 6 hours due to the unique upholstery cleaning equipment we use.

It is important before any cleaning the correct method and soloutions are selected each individual piece of furniture is assessed to determine the most effective treatment, characteristics such as colour fastness, fabric stability and age are taken into account at our personal assessment of your cleaning requirements.

Curtains, swags, tails and pelmets

cleaned in situ , no need to take them down, no ironing, no shrinkage "guaranteed".

Great for any home or business


Leather Furniture:

Claened,conditioned and protected.

Commercial Service

You’ll enjoy cleaner, healthier, protected upholstery & curtain with our Commercial Carpet Cleaning service. We’re local Lancashire based experts providing Commercial Carpet, Upholstery & Curtain Cleaning and can restore your commercial soft furnishings to an almost new state. Extending the life of your soft furnishings eliminates the premature need to order replacements. We provide bespoke Carpet, Upholstery & In situ Curtain dry cleaning and maintenance services in Lancashire & the surrounding areas to helping you keep your soft furnishing looking pristine.





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Each time you use CDEL Cleaning and Clearance Services your account accumulates a discount based on the last settled invoice amount, this can be used to reduce your future costs when next using any of our services.